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Evangelistic Sermons

The Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Epistle of Romans

Universal Unitarian Evangelicalism

The Evolution of Soteriological Reductionism

The Danger of Removing the Warning of Reprobation in a Gospel Presentation

The Essential of Spiritually Understanding the Gospel to Saving Faith

Overcoming Soteriological Reductionism through the Details of the Gospel-I

Overcoming Soteriological Reductionism through the Details of the Gospel-II

What Defines Believing or Faith

Obeying the Gospel by Following Its Directions to Salvation

The Ambassadorship of the Words of Reconciliation

There is No Genuine Conversion without Genuine Conviction of Sin

The Pathway to Dominion Restoration

Who is this Jesus-Do You Know Him


Expository Sermons


Running Away From God

Learning to Fear the Lord

Removing the Blinders of Time to See the Blessings of Eternity

Six Resolutions of Commitment to Progressive Sanctification

I Surrender All

The Pathway Of Blessing Through The Graveyard Of Pride (No Audio)

Christ: Our Kinsman Redeemer

Seven Character Traits Of A Person With A Servant’s Heart (No Audio)

Understanding the Value Of Holiness And Commitment

Finding Grace

The God Of Love And Grace And The Work Of Grace

The Security of God’s Protection In The Center of His Will

Dealing With Conflict And Problems God’s Way

Gleaning in the Field of God's Love

Understanding the Seasons of the Soul

Redemption by Claiming Our Redeemer

The Miracle of Redemption

The Redeemer that Cannot Redeem

The Shoeless Redeemer


Discerning New Evangelicalism

A Lost Vision of the old Rugged Cross

Defining Fundamentalism

The Hegelian Dialectic

Personal and Ecclesiastical Separation

The Evolving Theonomatic World

Joshua's Deathbed Warning

The Reconstructionists View

Further Distortion of the Great Commission

The Scriptural Basis for Fellowship

The Importance of Discernment

Soteriological Inclusivism

Billy Graham - Inclusivism

Avoiding Anthropocentricity

Churchianity or Christianity

Universalism verses Localism



Introduction: The Lukewarmites and Inclusivism

When is Jesus Lord-Introduction?

The Struggle in Our Responsibility to the Lordship of Christ

The Specifics and Objectives of Prayer

The Sovereignty of Jesus in His Present Kingdom of Light

Living on the Rock Christ Jesus

The Analysis of Christian Service

The Analysis of Unity in Truth

Problems and Solutions

Completely Complete

The Devastating Influences of False Doctrine

Let No Man Beguile You

Set Your Affections on Things Above

Mortification of the Old Man

The Christian's Priority

When God's Word is at Home in Our Hearts

All in the Name of the Lord Jesus

Role Modeling Christianity through Relationships

Normalities and Abnormalities of Christian Relationships in Marriage and Singleness

Dealing Scripturally with Abnormal Marriage Relationships

Putting Spiritual Flesh on Our Theological Bones

The Interdependency of Christian Synergism


Revival Sermons

1-Selfishness-The Law of Reproduction

2-Declaring Self or Denying Self, That is the Question

3-Selfishness-CODE BLUE-The Consequences of a Broken Conscience

4-Selfishness-The Leadership Model as a Contradiction Against Selfishness

5-Selfishness-Selfishness and the Denial of the Name of Christ

6-Selfishness-The Selfishness of the Sluggard

7-Selfishness-Pride, Selfishness and Their Child Named Strife

8-Declaring War on Selfishness by Learning to Forgive

9-The Destructive Nature of Selfishness

10-Life Destruction When Selfishness Turns to Scorn for the New Creation

11-Selfishness-The Fight to Be Right

Every Church Needs a Gilgal

Wisdom 4 - Decisions of Life

Warnings From God

God is Holy

Holy-Living Godly Is Living Truth

The Doctrine of Grace; Synergism: Opening The Door to God’s Indwelling Power

Grace-Intro-Focusing On Others & Becoming a Completer

Grace-1-God's Distribution of Power to Us in the Indwelling Holy Spirit

Grace-2-Concerning Spirituals Brethren

Grace-3-The Essential of Knowing God’s Word to the Potential of God’s Power

Grace-4-The Spiritual Dynamic of the Empowerment of a Local Church

Grace-5-Living Water from Living Stones

Grace-6-Discipleship and the Actualization of One’s Christianity

Grace-7-Becoming Fructiferous-the Outcome of the Actualization of a Disciple

Grace-8-Doing-Ministry and the Manifestation of Power

Grace-9-Four Leavens of Defilement for Spiritual Empowerment

Grace-10-The Impact of Spiritual Defilement (Uncleanness) Upon Our Prayer Life

Grace-11-Making Sure We Possess Unfeigned Faith

Grace-12-The Relationship of Faith to Spiritual Empowerment

Grace-13-Looking for the Manifestation of God in All the Wrong Places

Grace-14-The Defilement of Doubt and Double Mindedness to Spiritual Empowerment

Grace-15-Lite Christians or Light Christians

Grace-16-The Dangers of the Subtlety of Satanic Deception to Spiritual Empowerment

Grace-17-Satan as the Tempter

Grace-18-Satan’s Associates of Deception and Temptation

Grace-19-The Danger of Turning Aside


Topical Sermons

I. The Evil of the Philosophy of Socialism

II. The Evil of the Philosophy of Socialism

Palm Sunday-Who Is This Jesus

Jesus Came To Make the Unknown God Known

The Satanic Influence of Positivism

The Unsearchable Riches of God's Gift of Grace

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