Are Your Baptismal Waters Doctrinally Shallow

     Are Your Baptismal Waters Doctrinally Shallow is intended to challenge pastors, Christians, and local churches with God’s intended purposes within the ordinance of water baptism. The content of the book is intended to help pastors teach new believers the areas of personal commitment to Christ, the local church, and preparation for the “work of the ministry” to which all believers are commanded. The book will make an excellent study for new converts, new church members, adult or teen Sunday School classes, Small Group ministries, home Bible studies, or a preaching series.

Preface by Dr. David L. Brown

Are Your Baptismal Waters Doctrinally Shallow? by Dr. Lance T. Ketchum is a MUST READ for every pastor, deacon, and should be read by every Christian. This book will provide a fuller understanding of the Bible’s teaching on baptism, as well as explain the erroneous teachings surrounding this important biblical doctrine. I have a number of books in my library on baptism. None of them covers the scope of Dr. Ketchum’s book. This book gives the historical perspective of baptism, especially the timely chapter eight, “The Bloody Waters of Baptismal Persecution.” Today, there is little discussion about the history of persecution accompanying biblical baptism by immersion! The book also carefully deals with the perversions, misunderstandings, misapplications, and misinterpretations that surround this important issue. One example is a clear explanation of the Sacramental View of water baptism. However, many Bible-believing Baptist churches have a shallow understanding of baptism as well. This book will deepen your understanding. This book is also designed in such a way that is can easily be adapted to teach in a Sunday School class. Each chapter ends with discussion questions. In fact, I plan to use this book to teach on baptism in our Bible institute. I have been a pastor for 40 years now. I must say, that I have profited reading this book. It will be worth your while to read it.

                 Dr. David L. Brown, Ph.D.

                 President of King James Bible Research Council

                 Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church

                 Oak Creek, WI

13 Chapters | 174 Pages | 6" x 9" 

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Table of Contents
  Preface 3
  Introduction 4
Chapter 1 Magic Water? 6
Chapter 2 Magic Words and Infant Baptism 15
Chapter 3 Understanding Dispensation Transitions in Acts 27
Chapter 4 Translation Issues Regarding Baptism 39
Chapter 5 The Metaphorical Use of “Wash” in Baptism 53
Chapter 6 Understanding Our Threefold Salvation 65
Chapter 7 Can Infant Sprinkling Be Justified? 74
Chapter 8 The Bloody Waters of Baptismal Persecution 87
Chapter 9 The Watered Down Doctrine of Water Baptism 101
Chapter 10 Water Baptism and the Local Church 115
Chapter 11 Water Baptism in Connection to the Pastor/Teacher 130
Chapter 12 Water Baptism as It Relates to Separation 145
Chapter 13 How Water Baptism Defines the Local Church 160
  Bibliography 172
  Lexicons and Dictionaries 174




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