Jesus is Lord!- Studies in the Epistle to the Colossians


"Lance Ketchum has done it again! He has written another book that will be extremely useful for pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists, and all believers. In this book, he exhibits insightful exegesis of Scripture. His pastoral warmth shines through his writing. This book will be useful to overcome modern Gnosticism, syncretism, church-skipping, and dealing with the Lukewarmite. Each chapter builds upon the Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Word."

 "In addition, Dr. Ketchum explains the historical and cultural influences on the church at Colosse. He explains thoroughly the heretical teachings that influenced the Colossian Church. The questions at the end of every chapter are very helpful for guiding the student of Scripture. The questions will be extremely helpful for teachers in local churches, Bible schools, and seminaries, and for evoking thoughts for sermon preparation by pastors and evangelists."

" Furthermore, this book explores the “doctrinal distinctiveness and practical distinctiveness” of the Lordship of Christ. This explanation of Colossians provides a comprehensive study of grace, the faith, salvation, saints, church, prayer, knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual understanding? It teaches sovereignty, redemption, forgiveness, the doctrine of Christ, reconciliation, and position and practice in Christ. The reader will learn about Christian service, various warnings about man’s philosophies and traditions, angels, pragmatism, Zeitgeist, the old man, relationships, marriage, husbands and wives, children, and many other topics? All this and more is addressed in this complete and practical exegesis of the book of Colossians. This old sinner, saved by grace, hopes and prays this book will find its way into the library of every believer and church around the world."

 H. D. Williams, M.D., Ph.D.


22 Chapters | 188 Pages  | 6" x 9" Paperback


Studies in the Epistle to the Colossians
6" x 9" Paperback Book-$13.95


Colossians CD -$25.00

A Leaders Guide and PowerPoints for each lesson are available on CD


Table of Contents
Chapter Subject Page
Introduction The Lukewarmites and Inclusivism 5
1 When is Jesus Lord? 14
2 The Struggle in Our Responsibility to the Lordship of Christ 20
3 The Specifics and Objectives of Prayer 28
4 The Sovereignty of Jesus in His Present Kingdom of Light 39
5 Living on the Rock Christ Jesus 49
6 The Analysis of Christian Service 57
7 The Analysis of Unity in Truth 66
8 Biblical Warnings 75
9 Problems and Solutions 89
10 Completely Complete 91
11 The Devastating Influences of False Doctrine 99
12 Let No Man Beguile You 106
13 Set Your Affection on Things Above 114
14 Mortification of the Old Man 120
15 The Christian’s Priority 126
16 When God’s Word is at Home in Our Hearts 134
17 All in the Name of the Lord Jesus 142
18 Role Modeling Christianity through Relationships 147
19 Normalities and Abnormalities of Christian Relationships in Marriage and Singleness 156
20 Dealing Scripturally with Abnormal Marriage Relationships 163
21 Putting Spiritual Flesh on Our Theological Bones 169
22 The Interdependency of Christian Synergism 177

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