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"Every person needs help in building a Bible-based home. Dr. Lance Ketchum has done us a great service by writing Parenting A Soul. Several of Dr. Ketchum's books are in my library, and I find a common denominator throughout. He is very thorough in his research and in his writing. Having done a bit of writing myself and being an avid reader, I have a keen interest in books just for the sake of books. I have discovered that many authors use "fillers" to make a book of greater length. Dr. Ketchum uses no "fillers." Parenting A Soul is filled with meaningful meat written to strengthen the relationships in our homes."

Dr. Ron Comfort
President and Founder
Ambassador Baptist College

This is Dr. Ketchum's latest book, the accumulative product of 25 years of parenting, shepherding and counseling people about parenting their own souls and the souls of their children.

The book contains much of the subject matter for Dr. Ketchum's Family Life Conferences he preaches all over the country. Use this book to teach parenting through your Sunday School or on a special night of the week. You will definitely want a copy of this book for yourself and for every family in your church! Makes a great gift for new parents.


45 Chapters | 370 Pages | 6" x 9"

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Table of Contents

Lesson Subject


  Dedication 1
  Forward 4
  Introduction 5
Chapter 1 Jehovah - The God of the Family 6
Chapter 2 Building A Biblical Corporate Ethic 15
Chapter 3 The Spiritual Dynamic of the Trichotomy of Man 23
Chapter 4 The Impudent and Hard Heart- Closed Due to Rebellion 30
Chapter 5 Imprinting Absolutes on the Psyche (Soul) 38
Chapter 6 The Broken Will 46
Chapter 7 The Trichotomy of Parental Partnerships 52
Chapter 8 Image Makers 58
Chapter 9 A Father’s Example in Living a Life of Faith 67
Chapter 10 Parental Priorities 74
Chapter 11 God First 83
Chapter 12 Priority Relationships 91
Chapter 13 Priority Relationship #1 - The Fight of the Faith 98
Chapter 14 Building Fences for the Soul 107
Chapter 15 Identifying and Overcoming the Sin of Pride 116
Chapter 16 The Dangers of Focusing on Self 124
Chapter 17 Opposing God’s Love Through Selfishness 136
Chapter 18 Disposable People 142
Chapter 19 Exercising our Senses in Discerning Right and Wrong 149
Chapter 20 Provoke Not Your Children to Wrath 157
Chapter 21 Teaching Self Control 165
Chapter 22 Building Spiritual Values 173
Chapter 23 A Biblical Philosophy of Education 182
Chapter 24 Maintaining the Joy of our Salvation 191
Chapter 25 Building Faith in a Family 199
Chapter 26 Teaching our Children about Mortality and Immortality 206
Chapter 27 Teaching Children to Be Thankful 213
Chapter 28 Praise as the Occupation of the Family of God 221
Chapter 29 Growing to Know the Lord 229
Chapter 30 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? 236
Chapter 31 Raising Ladies of Light Rather Than Ladies of the Night 243
Chapter 32 “Remember Lot’s Wife” 253
Chapter 33 Making Friends 262
Chapter 34 The Balancing Act of Submission 273
Chapter 35 Biblical Leadership - Making Submission Easy 280
Chapter 36 Biblical “Follow-ship” - Making Leadership Easy 286
Chapter 37 Understanding the Value of Hope 296
Chapter 38 The Saturday Night Fights - The Spirit Against the Flesh 304
Chapter 39 Defining Faithfulness Defines Relationships 311
Chapter 40 Why Does the Flesh Win So Often? 319
Chapter 41 Out-of-Control Christians! 327
Chapter 42 Teaching Our Children to Walk 335
Chapter 43 Understanding God’s Working “Under the Sun” 343
Chapter 44 Chastising Children Biblically 351
Chapter 45 Sex Education or Sexuality Education? 358




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