Saved by Grace Alone


The vast majority of professing Christianity is preaching "another gospel, which is not another." The Apostle Paul says, "they pervert the gospel of Christ."

The inclusive "gospel" of Ecumenicism and New Evangelicalism is sweeping through Christianity like a grass-fire. Will God's children have the doctrinal foundations laid in their lives for the discernment necessary to see through this Satanic deception? Will they be able to wade through all the false teaching on "Grace" being taught by the radio and TV. preachers?

Saved by Grace Alone will give people tools for the discernment they will need in today's smorgasbord of theology.

33 Chapters | 460 Pages | 6" x 9"

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Table of Contents

Lesson Subject


  Introduction & Overview 5
Chapter 1 The Authority of a Man Called of God 13
Chapter 2 Delivered From This Present Evil World 25
Chapter 3 Salvation By Grace Is The Historic Gospel 38
Chapter 4 Men Pleasers? 51
Chapter 5 The Divine Origins of the Gospel 62
Chapter 6 The Apostolic Authority of Paul 74
Chapter 7 A Definitive Gospel 93
Chapter 8 From Generation To Generation 105
Chapter 9 Confrontation 120
Chapter 10 The Hopelessness of Law/Works 133
Chapter 11 Real Truth Is The Verbal Expression of God 145
Chapter 12 Bewitched 157
Chapter 13 Even As Abraham 170
Chapter 14 Connected By Faith 187
Chapter 15 God-kind Righteousness 198
Chapter 16 The Trinity of God’s Grace 212
Chapter 17 The Externalism of Law/Works 224
Chapter 18 The Law was added on, not added in 238
Chapter 19 The Law As A Restraining Force On Evil 251
Chapter 20 Humans In Heaven 265
Chapter 21 A Call From The Old To The New 279
Chapter 22 When The Fullness Of The Time Was Come 294
Chapter 23 Fearing For The Fearless 307
Chapter 24 The Fickleness Of The Faithless 319
Chapter 25 Is The Bible A Book Of Hidden Truths? 332
Chapter 26 The Way Of The Flesh 344
Chapter 27 The Line In The Sand 358
Chapter 28 An Abstract Picture Of God 371
Chapter 29 Walking In The Power Of The Spirit 383
Chapter 30 The Old Nature & New Nature 395
Chapter 31 What Spiritual People Do 413
Chapter 32 Taking Care Of God’s Man 426
Chapter 33 The Closing Argument 438




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