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Dr. Ketchum's Commentary on the Book of Romans

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Table of Contents

Lesson Subject


Chapter 1 Overview of the Epistle to the Romans  
Chapter 2 Who Was the Apostle Paul? 1:1
Chapter 3 Paul’s Missionary Journeys 1:1
Chapter 4 Called of God  1:1
Chapter 5 Separated To Preach the Gospel 1:1
Chapter 6 The Gospel of God 1:1-2
Chapter 7 The Gospel Concerns the Son of God 1:1-3
Chapter 8 Jesus Christ Our Lord 1:1-3
Chapter 9 Power To Save 1:4
Chapter 10 The Believer’s Calling to Minister in “Grace” 1:5-7
Chapter 11 Eight Practical Evidences of a Functionally Mature Christian 1:8-15
Chapter 12 Not Ashamed of the Gospel 1:15-16
Chapter 13 God’s Righteousness Is Revealed In the Gospel 1:16-17
  Outline of the Doctrine of Condemnation  
Chapter 14 Condemned 1:18-20
Chapter 15 Three Responses of Lost Mankind to God’s Two Witnesses 1:21-25
  The Trichotomy of Man Chart  
Chapter 16 God’s Second Response to Lost Mankind’s Denial of His Existence 1:26-27
Chapter 17 God’s Third Response to Lost Mankind’s Denial of His Existence 1:28-32
Chapter 18 Four Principles of Divine Justice - Judgment According To Truth 2:1-4
Chapter 19 Four Principles of Divine - Justice Judgment According To Works 2:5-10
Chapter 20 Four Principles of Divine Justice - Judgment with Impartiality 2:11-15
Chapter 21 Judgment According To What Is Done With Jesus and the Gospel 2:16
Chapter 22 Condemnation of the Religionist for Misplaced Faith in a Religious Lifestyle 2:17-24
Chapter 23 Condemnation of the Religionist for Misplaced Faith in Religious Rituals 2:25-29
Chapter 24 Satan’s Attack on the Gospel 2:2529
Chapter 25 Hypocrisy: Professing One Thing While Doing Another 3:1-8
Chapter 26 The Law Universally Condemns the Whole Adamic Race 3:9-20
Chapter 27 The Doctrine of Salvation 3:21-5:11
  The Propitiation of God & The Justification of Man  
  Overview to the Doctrine of Salvation  
Chapter 28 The Propitiation of God 3:21-25
Chapter 29 Imputation of God Righteousness 3:21-25
Chapter 30 Explanation of Justification through Faith in the Propitiatory Work of Jesus 3:26-31
Chapter 31 The Illustration of Justification through Faith 4:1-8
Chapter 32 David as an Illustration of Justification through Faith 4:1-8
Chapter 33 Abraham Was Justified Apart From His Circumcision 4:9-12
Chapter 34 God’s Eternal Promise Came Through Faith (not Law) 4:13-17
Chapter 35 Life Out of Death through Faith 4:17-22
Chapter 36 The Unchanging God 4:23-25
Chapter 37 The Application of Justification 5:1-2
Chapter 38 Glorying In Tribulations 5:1-5
Chapter 39 Extending God’s Love through Grace 5:5-8
Chapter 40 Extending God’s Love through Grace II 5:5-8
Chapter 41 Growing In the Love of God 5:5-8
  The Three Fronts of Spiritual Growth (Hebrew Model)  
Chapter 42 “Much More Then” 5:5-11
Chapter 43 The Love That Reconciles Enemies (Sinners) 5:5-11
Chapter 44 The Source of Death Is Adam & the Source of Life Is Christ 5:12-17
Chapter 45 The Gift of Grace Abounding Unto Many 5:12-17
Chapter 46 Sovereign Grace 5:18-21
Chapter 47 Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? 6:1-10
  The Doctrine of Sanctification 6:1-8:30
Chapter 48 Partnership with Sin or a Partnership with God 6:1-10
Chapter 49 God Forbids the Abuse of His Grace 6:1-2
Chapter 50 Nailing Our Will to The Cross 6:1-7
Chapter 51 Bringing Our Practical Christianity in the World into Alignment with Our Positional Christianity in Christ 6:8-13
Chapter 52 Aligning Our Practical Dominion with Our Positional Dominion 6:14-23
Chapter 53 Before and After 6:17-23
Chapter 54 “Born Again” & Freed To Choose 6:17-23
Chapter 55 Choosing To Be a Servant of Righteousness 6:19-23
Chapter 56 A Code of Law Cannot Produce God-kind Righteousness 7:1-6
Chapter 57 Dead to the Law, Not Divorced from the Law 7:1-6
Chapter 58 Presently Experiencing the Substance of Eternal Life 7:7-13
Chapter 59 Spiritual Life in Progressive Sanctification 7:7-13
Chapter 60 "Whom Shall Deliver Me From This Body of Death?" 7:14-25
Chapter 61 " Christ Jesus 8:1-11
Chapter 62 "The Big "if" 8:10-17
Chapter 63 The First Creation in Labor Pangs for the New Creation 8:15-25
Chapter 64 I. Ordo  Regenerare 8:26-30
Chapter 65 II. Ordo  Regenerare 8:29-30
Chapter 66 Settled in Eternity 8:31-39
Chapter 67 Understanding Election from the Old Testament 9:1-5
Chapter 68 The Seven Folds of the Abrahamic Covenant 9:1-5
Chapter 69 Who are Israelites -Statement of Fact Not a Question 9:1-5
Chapter 70 That the Purpose of God According to Election 9:16-13
Chapter 71 Is There unrighteousness with God 9:14-24
Chapter 72 The Faith Seed of the Abrahamic Covenant 9:25-33
Chapter 73 The Melchisedecan Priesthood of Christ Equals the Sons 9:30-33
Chapter 74 How a National Israelite Becomes a Spiritual Israelite 10:1-11
Chapter 75 The Debilitating Façade of Hope in Legalism 10:1-11
Chapter 76 Whosoever Shall Call ... 10:11-13
Chapter 77 The Synergism with the Lord of Hosts 10:14-15
Chapter 78 Salvation Invitation to Whosoever- RSVP Required 10:16-21
Chapter 79 Where Does Faith Come From 10:16-18
Chapter 80 The Remnant According to the Election of Grace 11:1-6
Chapter 81 The Fulfillment of the Prophecy of Reprobation 11:7-11









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